We want to send a message to the world through a sustainable hotel model, proving that it is not only possible but also more profitable and resilient. We are building the eco-hotel of the future.


Build a national and international community of environmentally conscious travelers who Will help us replicate the sustainability model on a larger scale.


Sow the seed of the environmental revolution in the hearts of our guests, sharing experiences and quality services in balance with the environment.


We treat people as a complete human being, taking into account their needs and emotions. Based on empathy, anticipation of needs and team collaboration to provide an exceptional experience.


We firmly believe that all human beings have the right to be treated with respect and love. That is why we have a horizontal work system where no one is above anyone but there are coordinators responsible for the teams where commitment, empathy, creativity, honesty, respect, order, discipline and camaraderie reign.


Punto Mita Suites & Hostal is a family project that revolutionizes the concept of accommodation with new ideas, strategies, design and services in balance with the environment.

In Punto Mita we want you to feel at home, with all the confidence and comfort, but without the worries of daily life. We want you to be part of our national and international community of travelers that make up the Punto Mita family.

The environmental aspects of your accommodation are very important for us, thats why we share our ecofriendly policy and invite our guest to practice it. We are convinced that the solution to environmental problems starts with us and our guests.

Punto Mita is a place to enjoy, share and learn. From the breathtaking views of the rooftop terrace, our plants and gardening, the innovative&eco design of our interiors and exteriors, to the wifi, cleaning, comfort and security of Punto Mita. We create an atmosphere of relaxation and unique coexistence in Punta de Mita.

We have 12 luxury suites, a rooftop terrace of common use and an international-sized hostel.