FROM PUERTO VALLARTA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT: There are 4 transportation means from the airport to Punto Mita Suites & Hostal


1. Cab - average fare ($1000 MXN pesos ± $55 USD) 50 min.
2. UBER, You have to get on it out of the airport, next to Tacón de Marlín ($500 mxn ± 28 USD) 50 min.
3. Urban Bus "ATM" ($35 MXN pesos ± 2 USD) 1 hour and 10 min.
4. Rental Car - average fare ($65 to $80 USD per day) 50 min.

Note: USD exchange on this article is 18 MXN = 1 USD (fares and times can vary, this is only a guide)

Once in Punta de Mita you have to look for the soccer field on the left side of the road and the church shaped like a ship, turn left on Las Pangas av., 1 block after, turn left again on Libertad st. and move 3 blocks until you get to "La Misión de Mita" and turn left on EMILIANO ZAPATA st., move 3 blocks until you get to FRANCISCO VILLA 20 corner st., Punto Mita Suites & Hostal is a 3 floors beige building with a palapa on the roof top.

BY BUS FROM GUADALAJARA Take the "Vallarta Plus" bus, you can take it at the new bus terminal located in Tlaquepaque or at the Zapopan bus terminal, located at Vallarta av. and Aviación av. Take the "Vallarta Plus" to Bucerías ± 4 HOURS (it is a town before Puerto Vallarta) when you get off at Bucerías you have to cross the road and take the ATM bus (public transport) towards Punta de Mita ± 30 MIN. Once in Punta de Mita, follow the instructions mentioned above.